August 14, 2012

Training Tuesday....Injury Time Out!

Nearly three weeks ago, I had an injury while playing tennis.  I bent low to hit a ball and the torque made a mess of my lower spine.  After nearly a week of being uncomfortable, a visit to the doctor was necessary.  She thought that it might be a disc issue, or Sciatica so I started my first bout of medication that included muscle relaxants and pain killers.  Restricted activity of only walking was imposed for 10 days but with strong medication, that was no problem. I also was given stretching as a option so that kept me entertained while watching the Olympics. My little Lulu tried to help too!

 Finally, at the end of 8 days of no improvement I called and made a follow up appointment.  This time I had an Xray and my spine looked good for an older far so good.  My doctor recommended physical therapy and I managed to get an appointment that afternoon.  The PT expert put my legs and back through a battery of tests and concluded that I had messed up my muscles from the torquing motion.  I was given ultrasound therapy on Friday afternoon and lucky for me, he said I could run.  So, after nearly two weeks of just a small amount of activity I ran Saturday morning.....and it was a 10 mile run!  It felt wonderful to be back out on the road and the hot weather did not bother me too much. It was a thrill to know I would be back to normal soon and running my next race in just three weeks!  The countdown is on for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon too....just 13 weeks!



  1. @Allie - Thanks! Too many races on the calendar for injuries!