August 28, 2012

Training Tuesday....Running in Scotland!

During our 10 day trip to Scotland,  I managed only 2 runs, and both were on treadmills at a hotel in Glasgow.  Short tempo and a speed work run kept these workouts to a minimum so we could enjoy the city sights.  The day of departure I managed to get in a long run of 9 miles which helped keep me on my Goofy training schedule!

The purpose of the trip was to hike the Western Highlands of Scotland and so that is what we did!  The first day started with a hike in the Kinlockleven Hills of just 7.5 miles and 1775 feet of ascent as a way to give the leaders an idea of the group's conditioning and  ability.  We were quite fortunate with the weather and actually saw the sun during our hike.  This area of Scotland is typically rainy, so my wish for the week was for one day of really nice hiking with pleasant weather. Check!

 At the end of our five days of hiking, we had  managed to cover over 43 miles with over 7,000 feet of ascent.  This is not a huge amount of elevation change, but considering that these walks were through bogs, heather filled fields and river crossings (over stones not bridges) they were challenging. The best walks ended at a pub where we could indulge in a drink and a bowl of chips (french fries).  As for the weather, we did encounter rain, but we had far nicer weather than we expected which was a real bonus.  It was a great way to escape the heat of North Carolina and we enjoyed the break.


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  1. wow...lucky! I would love to go to scotland, its my heritage! someday!