September 28, 2012

A New Sweat Pink Ambassador!

On Tuesday, there was a wonderful surprise in my inbox from Fit Approach..  Yours truly was selected as a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

Of course I was delighted and immediately logged onto their website to view all the pertinent information for being a good representative of Fit Approach.  The focus of this group is promoting a healthy lifestyle by playing hard and sweating hard.  Since I am a self proclaimed fitness nut, hopefully I will inspire others, including older women like myself to achieve their fitness goals.

Wearing pink is something I do often when I exercise, since it makes me feel more girly.  Here is a race day outfit from the Rock and Roll half marathon relay in Virginia Beach, designed by Christine.

Wearing pink before a hike in the Scottish Highlands in August!

The mailman is on my radar now since I am eagerly waiting for my Sweat Pink tank top from Fit Approach..  Stay tuned for more SPA fun in the coming weeks.



  1. Welcome! So happy to have you!! Spa love!

  2. Thanks Jenna, I am looking forward to lots of fun interaction with all you youngsters over at Sweat Pink!

  3. Welcome! It's great to have you on board!