September 24, 2012

Disney Chase Visa Card....lots of benefits to cardholders!

We normally would not blog about a credit card.  However, the Chase Disney Visa card has many benefits for those that go to Walt Disney World or Disneyland.  I was targeted for the card approximately 14 months ago, when my first trip to Disneyland was planned so I could run the DL half.  The trip goal was to receive the coveted coast to coast medal.  What was surprising was that my sister (who would be traveling with me to California) was also targeted for the card, exactly two weeks before me.  When she told me about the card offer I immediately called Chase to apply.  However, it was set up like the elusive Disney resort pins.  You had to receive a written offer that was delivered by snail mail.  When I found the offer in my mailbox I signed the forms and returned it a day later.  A month later, I received my $200 gift card just for making one purchase of any size on the Chase Disney Visa.

The Gift Card Everyone Loves To Receive!

Fast forward and I will tell you about all the wonderful benefits from the card.  There is no annual fee for the basic card and you earn Disney reward points for every purchase.  When you are preparing for your next trip to Disney World or Disneyland, you can go online or call Chase and request a gift card for the amount you have earned listed on your latest billing statement.   You also can do this at Guest Services WDW or DL.

Some of my favorite benefits:
*  10% discount off your purchase of $75 or more at the rundisney booth at the race expos.
*  Character Meet 'n' Greet for card members only in a private spot in one of the theme parks.
*  10% discount off your purchase of $50 or more at the Disney store or online store.
*  Special events such as the upcoming Special Chase lounge at the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.  (we will post about this since we will be able to attend!)

Overall this card definitely is a benefit to us while we are actively running many Disney races each year.  I am not promoting the card, or the cause of debt, but thought it was worthwhile to let people know this is available.


Disclaimer:  We received no compensation for this post, and the offer for a gift card varies from $50-$200. Check with Chase directly if you are interested.

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