September 5, 2012

Medal Display Ideas

I've been thinking a lot lately about medal displays.  While I love my Princess medals hanging in my closet so that I can see them everyday, I don't have the space to add more medals to this rack.  And with my newest race prize under my belt from the Rock 'n Roll half marathon relay, I've been wondering what to do with the medals.  I also cleaned out my desk recently and found all of my race bibs.  It got me thinking about how to organize my race gear.  While I've always gravitated towards the hangers from Running On the Wall on etsy, I wanted to look into some other ideas as well.

1. Running medals holder from Running on the Wall
2. Wire stand
3. Race medals hung from eye hooks in frame from Pinterest
4. DIY idea with medals hung from wooden letters
5. Race Medals and Bibs idea from Pinterest
6. Runner Girl medal holder from Allied Medal Displays

How do you display your medals and other race paraphernalia?


**Disclaimer - I was not compensated by any of the vendors mentioned in this post. 


  1. Funny you should write about this topic! I've been thinking the same thing lately! I haven't come up with a solution yet, so I am looking forward to seeing what others have to share! :)

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  3. @ I Will Run - I think the 5th option is my favorite. I love my race bibs as well and think a framed montage could be really cute with any other race stuff. It's just really figuring out where to hang it. I don't have a very large closet, so that's out. Maybe my home office?

  4. Here's my idea...although I have yet to put it in action. Instead of paying anywhere from $20-30 minimum for those fabricated medal hangers, why not get a wooden tie hanger? They're only like $10 at Walmart. Then I was thinking I could get some of the wooden letters and put RUN or something else on top. I'm also thinking of making "collages" of all my race bibs and then framing them.