September 17, 2012

Pay it forward

Happy Monday!!  Hope y'all had a great weekend!  I had a super duper 8 mile training run on Saturday morning and got to spend some great time with friends.  And I capped the weekend off with some football and this amazing Chicken Taco Chili that I found on Pinterest.  Try it!  Super easy and delish.  I'm thinking leftovers may get wrapped up in a tortilla - yum! 

I also did my obligatory chores, cleaning being one of them.  I rearranged some of my knick knacks in my bedroom and decided to dump out my "runDisney savings jar".  In a past post, we mentioned some of the ways we save for the fabulous runDisney expos.  I have a mason jar on my dresser where I 'pay it forward' so that each time I workout, I dump some money in there. 

Sometimes it's a penny and sometimes a ten dollar bill.  I don't necessarily correspond mileage to the amount deposited, just how I'm feeling.  I did a quick count and I have $80 saved for the Wine and Dine expo - yahoo!!!!  This will make that trip less stressful, knowing that I have a little spending money already set aside. 

How do you save for the expos?



  1. I love this idea! Great idea! I usually just budget money out of every check for expos! It makes me feel less stressed..

  2. Christine has a much better way to save than her mother.....I roll coins and save those...and I also sneak into Tom's wallet every once in a while for a few bucks.....just kidding!