September 21, 2012

PF Chang's....a great race sponsor!

At the Rock and Roll race in Virginia Beach, PF Chang's shared a spot as a race sponsor.  They had a great booth at the Expo as well as their "Chinese dragon" running in the race.  The Expo booth was really cute with not only the dragon, but several employees giving out fortune cookies to Expo attendees.  They had race slogans on them which made the little treats fun.  Mine was: "It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes a difference."  I loved this one, because I am obsessive about running, schedules and checklists!  So I have taped my little slogan to my laptop so I can see it whenever I spend time on the computer!

Back to PF Chang's.....they were so generous at the Expo with gift cards (Christine and I each received one for $10), free lunch bowl for Christine and a free appetizer for Pam.  We also were delighted to "beat the dragon" in the race, which entitled us each to receive another coupon for free lettuce wraps, our favorite appetizer on the menu!
Race day dragon! (photo courtesy of PF Chang's)

Christine and Tom enjoying the free lettuce wraps!


Disclaimer:  We received no compensation for this post.

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