September 2, 2012

Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon Relay!

Another race is in the books! 

We had a fun morning rockin' and rollin' at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon Relay.  It was a warm, sticky morning so we knew it wouldn't be optimal conditions.  Christine lead off with the first leg, which was 7.9 miles.  She started in corral 10 (out of 22) and held a 10mm pace, which was one of her goals.  She finished in about 1:24, we think...she was too relieved to be done and immediately went searching for water to stop her watch! 

At mile 7.9, the baton (a drumstick) was literally exchanged and Pam was off to finish up the race for the final 5.3 miles.  We didn't realize there was a loop back to the main road after the relay exchange at about mile 10, so Christine was able to jog with Pam and hand off a water bottle.  Pam finished up in 49 minutes, and due to some timing issues, we're still a little unsure of an accurate, finish time for both legs...somewhere between 2:11 and 2:14. 

Christine o n the beach post-race...very sweaty!
After the race, we reunited on the beach and enjoyed some great live bands, our free beer and some other awesome finisher snacks - bananas, fruit, Marathon bars, Popsicles, Slurpees, etc.  Two of Christine's dear friends came out to join us and celebrate our race day, which was an amazing treat.  And we are especially appreciative of Christine's Dad/Pam's husband, Tom, acting as our chauffeur, bag carrier, cheerleader and never tiring supporter.  It was really fun to have someone on the course cheering for you!
Pam and Tom on the bus from the North End of the Virginia
Beach Oceanfront to the starting line
We've received lots of questions about our outfits so we'll give you the rundown of our duds in another post.  We're tired and it's time for us to rest our legs on the couch for the afternoon!  Thanks for all of your well wishes for our race - definitely a success!

xo, WRD


  1. Way to go ladies! Race well run and very fashionably I might add! RnRProv had the short hilly leg first, then the longer only slightly less hilly leg second. I will have to check out the course map. I am registered for RnRUSA in March! How about you?

  2. Thanks Erin! Not sure about the USA race...maybe since it's close to home for me (Christine) and I have tons of friends in DC. We were both lucky - Virginia Beach is really flat so no major hills other than crossing the Rudee Inlet bridge. The first leg crossed at mile 3 and the second leg at about mile 11.5 (which was mile 3.5-ish into their leg). They say this course is pretty fast, which I'm sure it has the potential to be, but the heat and humidity is a killer!

  3. Great job! Really cute medals! Love them. :)

  4. Thanks, Jaime! We love the medals too! :)

  5. So glad I found your recap for this race. I was originally going to sign up for the mini marathon for 2013 but now considering the half relay with my mom. Do you think this would be a race you would do again? ( I know that you're not doing this year because you are doing Dumbo). Do you have any idea why the two legs of the race are not equal distance? Thanks for posting, this is definitely something to consider.

    1. Most relays do not have equal distances when it is a half marathons. Not sure why, but it may have to do with race course logistics. It was extremely hot for the second leg, so it was nice that was the shorter one!