September 12, 2012

The funk

My coat closet houses other things besides my coats - sneakers and a few pairs of flip flops, gym bag, beach bag, workout accessories and a rack with scarves, hats, mittens, sunglasses, umbrellas and the like depending upon the season.  Given that my gym bag and running sneakers get a lot of wear these days, the closet starts to get a little funky smell every once in a while.  I leave the door open to air it out, but sometimes it doesn't quite cut it. 

My newest trick is one of the cheap air fresheners (like Renuzit) in a back corner on a shelf or in the back corner of the closet.  There are coupons for these in the Sunday papers pretty frequently, which is always a nice little treat. 
I don't like scents that are too overbearing or fruity - just something to absorb all the smells that seem to haunt that closet. 


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