September 28, 2012

Tower of Terror Expo Report from Allie!

Our running friend Allie Willits just sent us her report from the Expo.  She and her mom arrived at the Expo just after noon and it was already very crowded.  

Allie and her mom at the welcome sign!

Already busy....just after 12:30pm
They found some great deals from the vendors including:

*  Autism Flashing Bangle Bracelets
*  Nike Compression Capris at half price
*  Champion sports bras at 60% off retail price
*  aviator sunglasses at 80% off retail price
*  Nike tech shirts at 50% off retail price
*  Champion tech tops at 60% off retail

Allie's favorite purchase.... a bedazzled Tower of Terror 10 miler shirt in a tech material, and she thinks it may glow in the!

And finally, the race tech shirt for all the racers, and it glows in the dark!
Thanks Allie, it is fun living the TOT vicariously through you and your mom.....have a great race tomorrow night!


  1. What great product deals she found!! Wow! I think the tower of terror shirt is so cute!! Love it!! Spa <3