September 26, 2012

Tower of Terror Racer....Allie Willits

A few weeks ago, we asked to get some guest bloggers for the Disney Tower of Terror 10 mile race.  Luckily, we had quite a few responses - woo!  One of our lovely guest bloggers is already down in Disney and sending us some great feedback - thanks Allie!!

Allie and her family are already in Orlando, getting psyched to run the inaugural rundisney Tower Of Terror 10 mile race on Saturday night. She and her family checked into Bonnet Creek Resort for 5 nights and will be at the Yacht Club for 3 nights over the weekend for race convenience.  Last night, they had a wonderful dinner at Raglan Road followed by some time perusing Downtown Disney.  Today started with a trip to the Magic Kingdom with her toddler and family and tonight they are trying out Chefs de France in Epcot for the first time.  We are hoping she will report back on her experience there.  The menu there looks fabulous and of course our resident francophile Christine is quite jealous!

In Allie's email, she stated that her nonstop flight on Southwest Airlines was perfect, always a great way to start your vacation.   As a savvy runner, Allie including the following race day essentials in her carry on bag:  race day outfit, Gu, shoes, handheld water bottle and calf sleeves, and an extra set of clothing for a last training run prior to race day.

The other thing Allie included in her email was a photo of the logo on the shirts she and her Mom will be wearing for the race.  How cute is this?!?  They will both be dressed as Siamese cats, adorned with cat ears and tails!  More to follow as Allie and her mom get ready for race day.  Thank you Allie for sharing your experience at the race with us!!


P.S. Quick footnote - Christine met Allie and her Mom at the Elizabeth River Run 10k.  She noticed that Allie and her Mom had on shirts mentioning the Princess half and they were instant running friends!  Allie also ran the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach.  She's a Disney travel agent with Off to Neverland Travel and she has been phenomenally helpful in getting us tons of info for planning our Wine and Dine trip.


  1. that is an ADORABLE logo!!! i love it! have a great day! spa love!

  2. Cute shirts! I haves tons of friends in the race but missed out this year, enjoy! SPA love

  3. I need to keep in this in mind when travelling. I am travelling for my first race soon and I do not want to check a bag!

  4. I am a nervous Nellie....I always have my race gear in my carry-on bag. I figure anything else I need I can buy, but not my racing shoes or clothing.