October 8, 2012

A Crazy Dream

Long runs give me a lot of time with my brain to think about lots of different things.  I took my long run to my YMCA treadmill on Sunday due to heavy rains and thunder.  I've been thinking about my races in 2013 lately.  As you know I'm registered for the Donald Half Marathon in January and the 5th Anniversary Princess Half Marathon in February, which brings to my crazy dream...could I run a half marathon every month in 2013?  I'm already set up to start the year that way.  It would be tiring and expensive, but also kind of awesome, right?!  I did a little more research for local races to see if this is remotely feasible.  I mean, do I really want to run 12 half marathons?!  Let's see...

Already Registered: Donald Half Marathon, Orlando, FL

Already Registered: Disney's Princess Half Marathon, Orlando, FL
Dream Race: Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon Nice, France...gush!!

Local Race: Shamrock Half Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA
Dream Race: Hapalua Half Marathon, Honolulu, HI or Rock 'n Roll USA Half Marathon, Washington DC

Local Race: Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon, Chesapeake, VA
Dream Race: Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon, Lexington, KY or Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon Nashville, Nashville, TN

Local Race: Run for the Dream Half Marathon, Williamsburg, VA
Dream Race: Divas Half Marathon San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA

Local Race: N/A
Dream Race: Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon San Diego, San Diego, CA or ZOOMA Annapolis, MD or Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon, Purcelville, VA

Local Race: N/A
Dream Race: Mountain Madness Half Marathon, Steamboat Springs, CO or Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon, Napa, CA

Local Race: N/A
Dream Race: Blueberry Cove Half Marathon, Tenants Cove, ME

Local Race: Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA
Dream Race: Disneyland Half Marathon, Anaheim, CA...C2C!!

Local Race: Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon, Hampton, VA
Dream Race: Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon, Boston, MA

Local Race: Virginia Running Festival Half Marathon, Newport News, VA or Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon, Norfolk, VA
Dream Race: Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon, Orlando, FL

Local Race: N/A
Dream Race:  The Palm Beaches Marathon Festival, Palm Beach, FL

To even seriously contemplate this idea probably makes me certifiable.  I would have to focus on staying healthy and well, winning the lottery!  I could help defray the cost by mixing local races with a few out of town and hopefully some where I could drive or stay with friends.  What do you think?  Would you do it?  Know someone who has?



  1. That is a crazy fantastic list!!! You go lady! Keep setting those goals high!! Spa love!

  2. It sounds AWESOME to me!!! I would LOVE to run a half marathon every month! Just don't know if my budget will allow it lol! Especially in the summer months...there aren't any races near me because it is so hot so there would be definite travel expenses. You go girl!!!

  3. This is awesome. The half is such a great distance. SPA love.

  4. what an awesome goal! what motivation! You are going to have a blast!

  5. I am kind of with you on this one! I am already registered for a few races:
    Jan: Tinker Bell
    Feb: Princess
    March: Rock 'N Roll DC
    June: ZOOMA Annapolis (I plan to register as soon as it opens!)

  6. Thanks for all of the kind words. I have a little thinking to do to see if I really want to do this.
    @Lisa - Rock 'n Roll DC is kind of on my brain regardless of whether I do a race each month...looks like an awesome course!

  7. One of my former coworkers did this this year! :) I think a good mix of local and traveling races as you said, is a great idea!!

    Also, for April....Nike Women's Half! I am definitely gonna try and get into that one.