October 23, 2012

Fall in New England and Disney Store Outlet Grand Opening!

I had the good fortune to travel to Massachusetts this past weekend to visit my parents and sister.  My trip started bright and early Friday morning as I boarded an airplane bound for Charlotte, NC connecting to a flight to Boston.  With a delayed departure in Charlotte due to fog, I landed in Boston ready to meet up with parents after an MBTA ride out of the city.  The fall foliage was in full bloom and some trees were so brilliant in color the leaves looked to be on fire.  After a nice lunch at our favorite seafood spot, Captain Marden's in Wellesley, MA, we spent the afternoon running a few errands.  My mother walks 3 miles every day, and needed a safety vest so we visited a local sporting goods store.
Mom in her new purchase!
Saturday morning, my sister, mom and I had a shopping date to go to the Wrenthan outlets.  There was a definite plan to this, since the Disney Store Outlet was having a grand opening that day!  We got there before 10:00am to find a huge line with several CM's handing out gifts (Mickey ears) and several asking trivia questions to keep the customers entertained while they waited their turn to enter the store.

My sis, me and my Mom sporting our new ears!

We decided to do some other shopping and then stop back at the Disney Store when it was less crowded.  Finally, around 11:45, we got into the store and had a nice look around.  They had loads of children's clothing, Halloween costumes and many fun items including cups, plates, ornaments etc.  As a nice touch, a CM thanked you for visiting the store and handed out really cute stickers as you departed.

Sunday started with an early visit to the gym and speedwork on the treadmill.  Shortly afterward, Mom and I left for a walk around Lake Waban, adjacent to Wellesley College. The weather was glorious and loads of people were on the path enjoying a perfect fall day. We saw numerous geese, swans, ducks and of course all the beautiful trees with their rich fall colors.

The weekend went too fast and I am now back home planning my runs and cross training for the week.  We depart for WDW and  the Wine and Dine half marathon weekend in just 18 days!



  1. wow!! the photo of the swan is absolutely GORGEOUS! i love it!! have a great tuesday! spa love!

  2. I love outlet stores! Yu guys are all too cute