October 4, 2012

Final Comments from Allie on the Tower of Terror 10 miler!

Allie finally returned to her home in Virginia and sent a wonderful email with a race recap.  She took a video at the start line and I am including the link....Carly Rae Jepsen at her finest and lots of people dancing and swaying.  Please take a look...it is really cute!

Here are Allie's comments, consolidated to include the highs and lows of running a night race at Disney.
"I learned quite a bit about myself and about running long races at Walt Disney World during our 8 day trip to the Walt Disney World Resort for the Tower of Terror 10 mile race! First of all - for all future races - I will be sure to schedule the race at the beginning of our trip like I did for the Princess Half last February! 

My mom (Sunshine), my Hubby (Josh) and I all ran the race - so we went to the expo on Friday about 12:30pm and left my 2 year old Fiona with Pop (my Dad). You can find Allie's Expo report here.  
From Monday until Saturday afternoon we hit Downtown Disney, Epcot (numerous times), Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom - along with lots of swimming, dancing and eating/drinking - the start of the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot! Every night we were so beat - we were in bed by 9:30pm! This ALL caught up with me Saturday night for the race! I really thought I could power through and play hard and still be able to run hard! Next night race - I will nap instead of going to Epcot and dancing to Off Kilter (my all time Favorite!) the day of the race! 

So 8pm comes and we're all dressed and ready to make the 1 mile walk from the Yacht Club to Hollywood Studios - we decided to walk instead of taking a bus. We met up with one of my fellow Magic Makers (aka Travel Agents) at Off to Neverland Travel, Tara in the lobby of the Yacht Club - took a few pictures and walked over. 

We got to the start area and the music was pumping- lots of people were dressed up - but not nearly as many as I expected. We were all in Corral A so we headed there and waited about an hour before it was time to head to the actual start line. It was really nice because in each Corral they had port o potties (much shorter lines!) and plenty of water - and room to sit down.  

Before I knew it the fireworks went off and we began! Josh took off (he's about an 8 mm) and mom and I had a goal to stay at around a 1045/11 mm pace steady for the whole race. So we stayed together at the beginning. There were water stops about every mile with plenty of water and Powerade. There were a handful of characters and displays along the way - I remember seeing a DJ and a Volkswagon bus, the grave diggers, some big dragon like things on stilts, Stitch, the hyenas from Lion King and there were a handful of spectators along the way.

At about mile 5 or 6 we turned onto a narrow gravel road (not fun) the gravel was loose and it wasn't easy to run on - there were some interesting props and lighting to make it look spooky which was exciting!  Next we arrived at the ESPN Wild World of Sports where we ran around the track. There were spectators in the stadium with some pretty funny signs like "worst parade ever" and "hurry up and finish so we can start drinking" along with some sweet kids holding "go Mommy" signs! They had us up on the Jumbo Tron too as we ran by. 

At mile 7 I got a side stitch (about the time I saw Stitch  the character) that took my breath away! I couldn't catch my breath so I stopped to walk and sent Mom ahead. I was pretty frustrated because on my last training run I maintained a 10:30 pace. I went with plan B and ran/walked about a 3/1 for miles 7-9 and finally by mile 9 my side stitch was gone. The last mile of the race is through Hollywood Studios so I picked up my pace to have a good finish. They had a DJ and I heard him say something like "you can do it cat!" as I ran past.  I kept a 9:30 pace for the last mile and for the last 1/4 mile (according to my Garmin my fastest time was a 6.15mm). 

 I was so happy to have finished right under the Tower of Terror ride!  I got my Medal and they handed me a bottle of water, a bottle of Powerade, box of snacks and a banana.  I then found Mom -and discovered that she finished about 3 mins before me.  We posed for a quick finisher photo and went off in search of the bag check  - which was far away at the Indiana Jones Pavilion which included lots of steps up and down. We grabbed our bags so we could get changed into our dry clothes.  Our Boa tails were pretty sad looking at this point - imagine a Persian Cat soaking wet!  After getting changed and meeting up with Josh, we wandered around in search of a cold adult beverage! Josh and I had beer and mom chose a margarita.  We tried to see some of the villains - but the lines were really crazy long and we didn't want to spend 30-40 minutes in line standing still. So we went to ride the Tower of Terror and looked around in the shops for a while before we headed back to our hotel. We hopped on a bus back to the Yacht Club, showered and finally hit the sack about 3:45am!  Lucky me, little Fiona woke up at 6:30am! 

All in all it was fun - but I learned that I need a few nights of good 8+ hours solid of sleep before a long race, to rest my legs in between training runs and to properly fuel my body the days before a race! Therefore I'll be changing my reservations for the Donald Half in January to arrive the day before the race and we'll enjoy the Theme Parks after we run 13.1 miles!"

Thanks Allie for your photos and reports.  Hearty congratulations to you, Josh and age group winner Sunshine for completing the inaugural race!!


  1. sounds like such a fun run! great recap! spa love to you!

  2. Thanks so much Jenna. We are so pleased that Allie took the time to post this for us!

  3. Awesome pics!!! Just fabulous!!!
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    SPA love!