October 20, 2012

Happy Wedding Day to my Running Buddy

Mom and I are pretty good about posting running-related topics on the blog and every once in a while, I feel like deviating.  Today is one of those days.  One of my dearest friends (and real life running buddy) is getting married today.  To say that I'm happy for her is a huge understatement.  The day that Heather called me (it was 6:45AM!!) to share the joyous news that she was engaged, was one of my happiest days in recent memory.  I cried when she called and smiled all day like a lovesick school girl.  I adore her soon-to-be husband.  He is her perfect match.  They make each other better and work together as a great team. 

Their home is warm, inviting and usually brimming with some amazing homemade food and treats!  Stephen is a whiz on the grill and smoker and Heather is always working on some new canning endeavor.  When I was working on a proposal at work (read: insane hours and barely sleeping, let alone grooming or feeding myself), Heather invited me over for dinner on Saturday after I'd been at the office for 10 hours (ick).  I was basically a zombie and my sweet friends didn't really care or mind.  After they had stuffed me full of smoked brisket, potato salad and veggies and was getting ready to head home, Heather packed up some amazing homemade meals so that I had lunch...and if you must know, it was split pea soup (which is AMAZING by the way) and a vegetable pesto lasagna.  If that's not the definition of kindness, I don't know what is.
Unfortunately Heather and I have always been off a beat when it comes to running.  She ran a few half marathons and ran routinely just before I caught the running bug.  And she was having hip trouble and just not feeling it when I picked it up...luckily she's just started getting back into it.  I'm hopeful that we'll soon be racing together and sharing long runs on the weekend. 

Hezzie and Steve-o, I am unbelievably happy for you two!  Thank you for including me in your special day - I know it will be filled with laughs and love, aka simply perfect.  Now, let's get our act together and sign up for a half together!! :)