October 11, 2012

Race Day Volunteer!

Volunteers can make or break a race.  They are needed for many different tasks from distributing race packets and bibs, serving water and gels on the course and directing runners to the appropriate corrals, start line, etc.  Smaller communities probably struggle the most to get people willing to get up early on Saturday or Sunday morning to help out at races.

My city has quite a few local races and since I am now training for the Goofy Challenge  and do not want to run any 5k races for a while, it seemed the perfect time to jump in and help.   The Run for the Tata's chaser race in Wilmington, NC on October 6th was my first time to volunteer at a race.  The weather was perfect and there was a large crowd ready to get their running groove on.  When I arrived at the race site, I found the volunteer coordinator and was given my on course assignment.  My location would be just past mile one opposite the entrance to the  Hilton Garden Inn Mayfaire.  Keeping people running in the correct direction was my job, but I also tried to encourage the runners with clapping and cheering.  It was nice to see so many people running for the support of the pink ribbon project which helps local women who are coping with cancer.

My uniform for the day, a safety vest in a lovely orange color:

This lady was pleased to pose with her darling baby!

The only runner that I saw in a Team Sparkle skirt/costume!  

It was really fun helping out at the race and I encourage everyone to volunteer if they have the opportunity.  Do you volunteer at local races?


  1. I would love to volunteer at a race! Thats an awesome idea!! Spa love!

  2. I volunteer years ago at the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC. That year the volunteers had better shirts than the runners!

  3. There was nothing for the volunteers except the satisfaction that you had helped out your fellow runners, enough for me considering I was there just over an hour.