October 6, 2012

Safety while running....cars, trucks and dogs oh my!

I am a chicken....in fact a BIG chicken.  When I was a kid I was scared of the dark.  Every night the closet light was turned on before I could get in bed.  So it should come as no surprise that my early morning (in the dark) runs can frighten me with certain sounds and movements.  Being prepared is my running motto, so safety equipment is always the first thing I put out for my next morning run.  Here are some of the items I use to make myself feel a little less like a "fraidy" cat when I step out the door.

Halt!     This is a dog repellent that is used by mail carriers and others who encounter dogs on a regular basis.

Road ID       Always leave your house with some kind of identification.  I like the rubber bracelets by a company called Road ID, although there are many other suppliers of this type of merchandise.  Check them out and find one that will work for you and use it every time you run or exercise outside.

Safety Light    For runs in the dark, I attach a small light made by Saucony, that hooks on to a piece of clothing.  This light was included with a pullover top I bought last year.  It has a flashing light as well as a single light.

Nathan Reflective Running Vest: This definitely is a fashion statement, and most likely the fashion police would have me arrested in this less than attractive item of clothing.  However, I never worry that a vehicle will not see me when I am sporting this neon yellow beauty!  Don't you think it adds a bit of pizzaz to my running attire?

Here I am decked out in my gear...(note that I only wear one earbud while running in the dark.)

Enjoy your early morning and evening runs, but be sure to use caution so you stay safe.


Disclaimer:  We received no compensation, goods or services from the companies whose products were mentioned in this post.


  1. great advice for anyone running in the morning or evening. the road id is great for everyone at any time of day. happy saturday!

  2. I neer run without my Road ID Great post!

  3. those vests are really awesome! safety is definitely the most important thing! youre totally right!!! have a happy saturday and spa love!!

  4. I have a blinking light that I wear all the time. It makes me feel so much safer!

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