October 19, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why We Run!

Happy Friday to all of our running buddies!  We thought it would be fun to make up a Dave Letterman type list of the top ten reasons why we run.  Okay okay, maybe we're not the next late night hosts, but we had fun making this list!  Please add your top reason in the comment section below...we'd love to hear your additions.

10.  Eating GU is more fun than eating real food.

9.    Wearing a fluorescent vest around the neighborhood makes a fab fashion statement.

8.    Black toenails help you save money on nail polish.

7.    Ice Baths are way better than a hot shower.

6.    Rolling my legs over a foam bar is part of my evening entertainment.

5.    Sleeping in on the weekend is way over-rated.

4.    I prefer Gatorade or Powerade over wine or beer. (HA! Yea right...)

3.    Carbo loading means that pizza, cupcakes and bread are integral parts of our diet.

2.    Blisters are a girl's best friend.

and, drum roll please....

the number 1 reason we run....

So we can race at Disney World or Disneyland multiple times per year!

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  1. Love it. So making a list too.
    My # 1 is BLING :)

  2. Lol! Too funny! I love the black toe nails and the eating gu is better than real food especially!! I run because I'm just too hyper to walk!! Have a happy day! Spa <3