October 9, 2012

Training Tuesday: Treadmill Tips

Every once in a while I find myself gearing up for a long run on the treadmill.  I certainly am not a treadmill hater like many runners, but I don't love going to the gym for a 90-120 minute run.  I found myself there this weekend when it was pouring rain and thundering.  Not to mention it was about 50 degrees.  Ugh - not interested.  So I trudged to the gym, a little reluctantly. 

I have to pay more attention when I hit the gym for long runs to make sure I'm prepared.  I always go with:
- 2 water bottles, one with Gatorade and one with water
- Some sort of fuel - gel or blocks or beans
- Towel
- Good tunes...after all, there isn't anything to look at unless there's a hunky guy on the machine in front of you or there are TVs on the treadmill or at the gym

Since most treadmills have a max time of 60 minutes, I inevitably will have to restart it to hit the mileage I want.  I generally try to find a natural break in my time and miles.  For example, on Sunday, I took a quick break to refill my water bottle after I hit the 5 mile mark and also hit a walk break in my 4:1 run:walk.  I also sometimes grab a scrap of paper and pencil from the gym to track the stats from the first segment.  What are your best treadmill tips?



  1. great treadmill tips! i like the two water bottle idea especially! happy tuesday!!! spa <3

  2. I don't know if I could run long distances on the treadmill. I would get so bored and it would make me mad to start over after an hour haha.

  3. I am impressed that you can go for 120 minutes on a treadmill. I usually get bored before then, although I am trying to learn to love the treadmill more. I find good tunes to be expecially important.

    If I am doing a super long run and I am not at a treadmill right in front of the tv I have found that a good magazine (with tons of pictures) can sometimes buy me a few miles of entertainment.

    When I know I am going to be on the treadmill for long stretches of time, I generally try to go when I knwo the gym isn't super busy.

  4. Great tips Pam! I'm trying to enjoy the treadmill again but I so love going outside instead...grr allergies ;)

  5. Thanks for all the comments. By the way, Christine wrote this post and ran the long run Sunday on the treadmill! I agree that a TV or a couple good magazines are needed to get through a long treadmill run.

  6. I have to admit, there's a significant mental component to being on a machine that long!! Sometimes there will be a good marathon on Bravo or E! that keeps me entertained. :) -Christine

  7. More dedicated than I am. I cannot handle more than 45-60min on the treadmill otherwise I will go crazy. I'd be praying the rain stopped.