October 16, 2012

Training Tuesday.....Goofy Challenge Update!

When I started Jeff Galloway's Goofy training program 15 weeks ago, it seemed like such a long time until January.  All of sudden it is October and in less than three months, WDW Marathon weekend will be here.  Halfway through seemed like a great time to recap my training and assess what I have done and also need to do to be well prepared for two consecutive days of racing.

The training plan has several specific goals, but the main one is to finish standing in an upright position.  I like that.  As an older runner, it is a huge challenge to complete two big races in two days.  By focusing on one week of training at a time, it helps to keep the rising mileage and long run distances in perspective.  Tomorrow I have a walk/run session of 7 miles and Thursday a long run of 17 miles.  This will be a big mental boost to accomplish back to back days this week.

Looking back at my training for the past 15 weeks, the running schedule went well, except for one week when I suffered from a piriformis muscle problem.  It is amazing how an injury changes your actions.  Stretching and strength training is now an integral part of my workout routine and the results are showing.  I do feel stronger and that makes my runs easier.

I also love wearing my Goofy shirt, purchased at the Disney Store online because it puts me in the spirit of the event....I can't wait until January and all the serious bling!

Are you training for the Goofy Challenge?  If so, please leave comments about your progress.



  1. I'm training for Goofy, too! Well, I have to get through the NYC marathon first, but after that: Goofy! Sorta scary. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the NYC marathon Jamie!