October 13, 2012

Wine & Dine Fueling Tips

I've been thinking a lot about how best to prepare for our first night race in a few short weeks.  I love seeing all of the tips that come from the runDisney crew...they generally have pretty high caliber running coaches with deep experience.  You may have missed one of the recent runDisney blog posts and videos with Bart Yasso, the chief running officer from Runner's World magazine. He did a social media Q&A and one of the key questions was about fueling for the Wine and Wine half marathon.  You can watch the full video below (the Wine and Dine question is the first one).

He specifically recommends against a big meal on race day since that will sit in your stomach and instead, recommends a lot of small meals or snacks to fuel your body throughout the day.  I'm thinking this will likely include things like:

  • A banana
  • Peanut butter/bread combo - english muffin or bagel
  • A simple turkey sandwich
  • Maybe light pasta
  • My traditional bag of sport beans walking to my corral
If you've ever done a night race, we would love to hear your feedback on how you fueled throughout the day.  



  1. Can't wait to run a Disney race - January!

  2. Kat - Hooray!! You will love it! :) I am fairly confident that the only reason I keep running is Disney races. -Christine

  3. Here's my issue...I had gastric bypass on Dec 28,2011...due to this I can't eat a lot of pasta, breads, or even a full banana. Running my first Half Marathon in January (yeah Tinker Bell) but I'm not sure how to fuel up for that many miles! I've done 5k's & 10k's, & usually do a protein shake 2-3 hrs before race, then hydrate as I run, & then refuel after the race, but I am not sure this is gonna work for a Half! Had some issues at my last 10k, so I'm trying to get advice from others to see what they think! Any advice would be wonderful!! Feel free to email me if needed; jswihart06@yahoo.com!
    So excited for my FIRST (but definately not my last) Disney race!!!
    Thank you,

  4. Jody,

    It seems to me that you will need to try different fueling options during your training for the Tinker Bell half. As your runs get longer, you may want to try Gu, sport beans or other small bites that could give you energy, yet not affect your stomach as you run. Now might be a good time to contact your doctor or his nurse and ask for guidance as well. You should be so proud that you have gone from that surgery to planning to run a half marathon....awesome girl, keep it up!