October 31, 2012

Wine & Dine Prep: Packing List

Now is the fun time, the time to panic time, the time to be excited and nervous time.  Packing sometimes makes me crazy, especially when it comes to packing for a race.  I usually start the process long before it is necessary.  Because we fly to the Disney races, it is imperative that our race day outfit is with us on the plane and not in checked luggage.  Too many experiences with lost luggage has made me paranoid to check luggage unless it is absolutely necessary.  (When living in England, the courier who returned lost luggage knew our house and told us that when returning our bags one evening!)  Here is what I will be toting in my carry on bag next week to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend:
Already laid out ready to pack!

*  socks
*  sneakers
*  sports bra and undies
*  race day shirt and skirt
*  headband and gloves
*  rain poncho
*  throwaway clothing for cold weather
*  safety pins (for bib, supplied at Expo but I like to have spares)
*  Garmin watch and charger
*  Ipod and charger
*  Road ID
*  race waiver downloaded from runDisney page (Available here)
*  Gu for race day
*  peanut butter and English muffins
*  travel documents, photo ID, credit cards, money
*  sunglasses
*  IPad
*  camera
*  toiletries

My larger tote bag (which has to be gate checked from my local airport) will have the following items:

*  underwear and socks for 4 days
*  swimsuit
*  pajamas (Disney themed of course!)
*  set of running clothes (for easy run after flight on Thursday)
*  4 short sleeve shirts
*  pr. shorts
*  pr. pants
*  pr. capri pants
*  windbreaker jacket
*  sweatshirt (perfect for after the race for party time!)
*  sneakers
*  hat
*  drawstring backpack to use at theme parks
*  flip flops

My other partner in crime is bringing some fun games and activities to help keep us entertained while we wait for our race on Saturday night - stay tuned for some fun ideas later this week.



  1. What a fab idea to share your packing list for a race!! That will be so helpful to others out there!!!! You will do fantastic I am sure!!! Have a happy day!! Spa <3

  2. I love the little monogrammed bag! So cute!

  3. You all look so great in all your photos. Such great costumes and ideas. I wish I had your flair!!!!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments. Melissa, a neighbor makes those little bags and of course we both needed one. :) It will be perfect for our packing our small electronics.

  5. I am so jealous, I am so excited to hear all about this race! I have been wanting to run Disney like no other, but while I'm still in school it is a pain in the butt. Maybe someday! Until then, I'll live vicariously through you. :)

  6. Thanks Amanda and Danielle. Our shirts for Wine and Dine are ordered thanks to the creativity of Christine. Can't wait to see them!

  7. One word for your neighbor: ETSY. I looked but couldn't find anything this cute!

  8. Melissa,
    You cannot see the detailing in the photo, but the inside is as cute as the outside with 2 pockets. There are little beads on the zipper pull, plus the monogram was a surprise. I love them!

  9. Your outfit is so cute. This sounds like such a fun run. Wine & Dine along with running. Seriously 3 of my favorite things- How could you go wrong?!?

  10. Have a blast! I was just ogling the Disney bling at the MCM expo. I need to run one already! Don't blame you one bit for being paranoid. Lost luggage is a huge bummer.

  11. First, have SUCH fun at the run. Would be cool to see Epcot at night - can't wait until it's my turn (goal is to make it next year). I'm a real newbie - still in walk/jog stage but have been reading to gain some knowledge so truly appreciate your sharing :-) What is "throwaway clothes"? I'm assuming something old as a top layer that can be trashed but haven't read that anywhere else. Can you explain when you get back? Thank you! Run strong, Princesses!!

    1. rwaggs, Thanks so much for the good wishes....we are both so excited about our trip next week and of course the race. A "throwaway" top is exactly what you thought....a shirt, sweatshirt or jacket that you are happy to part with. Disney donates all the discarded clothing to charity, so that is especially nice to know. I save my husband's old long sleeved shirts to wear and also the mylar capes that you get at the end of a race. It is also useful to bring the dollar store ponchos, just in case it is a wet race! Please feel free to email us with further questions!

  12. Prepping for our first Disney trip and race. Thanks for the list... this helps!