November 1, 2012

Attitude check - I'm ready!

I went to sleepover summer camp when I was a kid and I remember the counselors yelling "attitude check" when we needed to get in line.  I needed that tonight.  I was a little grumpy for a few reasons - I've been struggling with a miserable chest/head cold all week that's been a drag on my Wine & Dine prep; there were some annoyances at work today; and I sadly didn't get into the Wine and Dine meet up.  Yes, I most certainly needed an attitude check tonight!

It's been 5 days since I hit the pavement for a run - this cold has hit me hard and I've been doing my best to get better...Robitussin, cold-eez, Vitamin C, OJ, soup, lots of sleep and the like have become routine.  After finally feeling like I'm truly on the mend, I decided today was the perfect day to get out.  Nothing clears my head like a run in the evening.  So off I went for a jaunt around my neighborhood.  I didn't have a time, mileage or pace in mind, I just wanted to go with the flow.  I ended up putting in 4.25 miles in about 45 minutes.  Not bad.  I felt great and it gave me some time to reflect.  I also tested out a new shirt that I received from my Birthday from my sweet friend, Heather.
Love 2 least most of the time!
I realized that all these minor inconveniences at work can be resolved with a little patience and a smile.  I am SO happy that my mama got selected for the meet up.  She has been talking about these for probably a year.  I have no doubt that she will have a blast and meet so many great run Disney peeps in person. 

I also reminded myself that I have a roof over my head and a home with heat, water and electricity...and a giant shaggy dog that adores me.  One of my dearest friends is in lower Manhattan without any of these.  Literally, they have no water (not even cold water!!) because the pumps to move the water up to their floor require electricity.  I was so relieved to hear that she and her sweet husband have taken up residence with friends until they have modern conveniences back in their apartment.  I've worried about she and her husband a lot over the last few days.  Being without power is really crummy, not to mention water.  Seriously, I'm incredibly grateful for the little things this week.  Since I've lived in coastal Virginia we've had a few scares with hurricanes but have been largely unscathed.
Paddy loves Mickey too - she really thinks Disney should think about a Shaggy Dog-themed attraction!
And finally, I'm ready for Wine and Dine.  I felt great today on my run.  I trained all summer in the brutal heat for this.  And last weekend, while not feeling 100% and with tired legs from a 10mi run less than 2 days prior, I earned a PR at the Wicked 10k.  When I'm rested and amped with run Disney excitement, I know this will be a great race.  Now, to wait a week!!


P.S. Andi Solero, we need your contact information so we can send the giveaway prize!  Please contact us by noon on Saturday, Nov 2nd, otherwise we'll pick a new winner.

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  1. Awh!! Paddy is so cute!! Sorry about you feeling under the weather! Have a special weekend!! Spa love!