November 24, 2012

Black Friday Recap and Disney Snow Globe Disappointment!

Christine and I love Black Friday.  For many years we have ventured out for bargains and more importantly the annual JC Penney giveaway, the Disney snow globe.  We both have a collection, and because we lived in England for 5 years, my collection has gaps. Christine has the collection minus one year.  Here is an assortment of my favorites:

We love these little decorations and JC Penney is always the first store that we enter on Friday morning.....until this year.  Much to our disappointment the little snow globe was not featured in their Thanksgiving Day newspaper advertisement. We still had a great day of shopping and managed to find presents for many on our holiday gift list.  Our best purchases were at Bath and Body Works, New York and Co, Target and Bed Bath Beyond.  I hope you all stayed safe and enjoyed some fun holiday shopping too!



  1. UGH this made me SO sad! I have every single one of them!! :0( It was a fun tradition for me and that's always the first place I used to go as well. Glad to know someone else feels my pain! lol

    1. LOL I just saw your comment on my blog! :0)

    2. Ksren, You are so lucky to have the whole collection! We love those little snow globes!