November 23, 2012

Black Friday Runner Style!

We happen to love Black Friday.  We've headed out in search of great deals with family members for many years.  But, I will promise you this - you will not find us inhabiting a tent for days on end or forgoing our Thanksgiving day to shop.  We believe in spending time with family and friends on Thursday and shopping on Friday.  If you want to avoid the folks that have been camping out front of Sams Club and Best Buy for days or just feel like chilling out in your pj's, we have put together a list of some of the best online running deals for you.

  • Running Shoes: Free gifts plus extra 10% off using promo code GIVE.
  • Running Skirts: Pink Friday sale includes 25% off gift cards and great skirt sales (starts Friday)
  • Map My Fitness: 25% off all products using promo code BLACKFRIDAY
  • Sweat Pink Store: Pink Friday sale 25% off all products using promo code pinkfriday
  • Brightroom: 25% off all orders (perfect for Wine and Dine and any turkey trots) with Promo code CYBERSALE2012 through midnight on Nov 28th
  • FuelBelt: 30% off entire order using promo code Thanks30

If you choose to venture out, have fun and remember, be safe and be nice to your fellow shoppers!

Happy Shopping!
We Run Disney


  1. Great post!! I've been super excited for the Running Skirts sale so I can get some gift cards but it looks like they changed their minds. :( Everything else is on sale but the gift cards. Oh well, they still have a TON of cute stuff!

    1. Christine loves running skirts and we definitely were interested in that sale!

  2. Awesome! Hope y'all had fun!! :0)

    1. We did! :) Loved reading your Black Friday gals were hardcore!