November 28, 2012

Christmas Craft: Easy Mickey Chair Covers

I found Santa chair covers at the Dollar Tree and thought of a cute craft that can easily be made by even those who are averse to craft projects.  How about a Mickey Santa seat cover for your children and/or you? There are just a few items needed to complete this project so follow along and you can make these too!
The finished product!
 Materials Needed:
*  Santa hat chair covers
*  Black felt
*  Circle template (I used an 8 inch Tupperware top)
*  Sheet of paper
*  Thread
*  Glue gun
*  Cardboard
This is the chair cover I found at the Dollar Tree
1:  Trace a circle from your template onto the paper and cut out
2:  Pin the circle to your black felt and cut four pieces (these will be the ears)
3:  Carefully iron the chair cover and the ears.  Check the chair cover care instructions first!
4:  Trace the circle on the cardboard and cut two pieces slightly smaller than the felt
5:  Pin the felt to the chair cover and either sew (better option) or hot glue to the cover
6:  Hot glue the back of the felt to the cardboard
7:  Glue an additional piece of felt to the back of the cardboard
8:  Optional: Add a name to the white felt band on the hat

Do you have any special holiday crafts that you enjoy making? Please share!