November 2, 2012

Mizuno Mezamashii Project

Last July, I signed up to participate in the Mezamashii project.  The definition for Mezamashii, a Japanese word, is brilliant or eye-opening.  This would be the perfect word for a wonderful run, which is why they chose it for their project. Mizuno wanted to have many avid runners try their new shoes and by doing so, spread the word about their product. I received periodic updates from Mizuno and followed their website and Facebook page carefully hoping to be one of the lucky ones to try out new shoes. 

Sadly, I did not get chosen to be a tester for the shoes.  However, I did sign up for a chance to win a spot of 50 invitees (who could bring a guest) to a brunch in NYC during the marathon weekend (November 3rd).  I was delighted to be chosen for the brunch and was excited to attend and also bring along my favorite running buddy, Christine!  The destruction of hurricane Sandy has made it impossible for me to attend.  However, the lovely folks at Mizuno have been awesome, and I shall be receiving a pair of their Wave Runner 16 shoes in my mailbox very soon.  I can't wait to see what color they send to me!

Mizuno Wave Runner 16 (Source)



  1. So cool. I am a Mizuno addict. I run in Wave Creations and my training partner runs in Riders.

  2. I got these ones! They are a very bright salmon pink!