November 6, 2012

Nathan Shadow Pak Review

With the excitement of running with Jeff Galloway and others at the Wine and Dine meet up on Friday morning, an equipment purchase was necessary.  As one of the lucky few chosen to participate,  I want to make sure to capture all the fun with photos!  Bringing my phone seemed like the obvious choice since I have never run with anything but a small I-pod Shuffle.  Today I stopped in at my local running store, Trysports and Francis helped me choose a belt that she thought would work.  I selected the Nathan Shadow Pak, which is pictured below.

As soon as I returned from the store, I decided to go for a run and Tom joined me. This provided the perfect opportunity to not only test my new waist pack, but to try taking photos while on the run!   After strapping on the belt and adjusting the size, I was set to go.

As someone who never wants anything extra around her waist, I was sceptical that I would be happy with my purchase. About 6 months ago, I tried Christine's hydration belt with 2 bottles and hated it.  It bounced all over the place and it lasted around my middle for less than 10 minutes.  So you can only imagine my surprise that I actually forgot I was wearing the belt with a phone tucked inside.  It never moved, staying secure but not confining and is perhaps what I will wear for the Goofy Challenge in January.  I love my new belt and highly recommend this if you are looking for a small pouch for camera, keys, phone etc.

Disclaimer:  We received no compensation for the information provided in this post.