November 17, 2012

Race Day Countdown

WRD at last year's Thanksgiving Day Race
Like many, we're eagerly awaiting our next big run Disney race, which will be marathon weekend.  Pam is tackling the Goofy Challenge and Christine is running Donald.  I noticed from some Facebook posts the other day that the race is about 60 days away - eek!  I started quickly counting the weeks on my hand and figured out that I need to keep my mileage reasonably high coming out of Wine and Dine to make sure I'm ready for another half marathon.

So here's a quick rundown of our upcoming races...
* Thanksgiving Day Toys for Tots 8k: 5 days
Santa Clause Shuffle 5k: 28 days (Christine is volunteering as a Girls on the Run Running Buddy)
Donald Half Marathon: 56 days
WDW Marathon / Goofy Challenge Completion: 57 days
Princess Half Marathon: 99 days

As you can see, our race calendar is pretty full for the next few months.  The good news is that we'll get some great exercise during the holiday season, assuming we stick to our training plans of course.  With any luck, we'll stay within our desired race weights through all of the festivities.

Are you planning to run any races during the holidays?



  1. We are doing Vegas races in two weeks. My hubby is doing the full & I'm doing the half. Then the Disney marathon weekend. I'm doing the 5K & the half; my hubby is doing the "Dopey." (All 3) Depending on the weather, he may push our two youngest boys in the double stroller during the 5K. Then I'm doing the Princess Half in Feb!
    Last winter was my first time to run half marathons, & I ran four from Dec 11 to Feb 18. (Santa Hustle half, Disney half, Tinkerbell half, Scenic City half) I just kept my mileage up in between each one, & it went great!

    1. Angela- that is AMAZING! I'm tired just thinking about your race schedule. :) Can't wait to hear what you think of Vegas...I've heard lots of mixed things, but it sounds like a really fun concept.