November 30, 2012

The Annual Christmas Letter - Runner Style

Sending Christmas cards is a tradition in many households and ours is no exception.  Because we moved around for job transfers, and keeping in touch became difficult, we started sending the annual Christmas letter with our card.  Many of our relatives and friends reciprocate with a letter which is always fun to read and catch up on their year.
Who does not love a Disney Christmas card?

Tom has taken over the task of writing our letter and I wanted to share a couple paragraphs from our letter this year.

"Pam's running has become a full blown obsession! She has run in several road races (mostly half marathons).  Most of the events seem to occur at one of the Walt Disney theme parks.  Pam has become loosely linked with a mob of women similarly afflicted with the Disney running disease.  Her primary accomplice is Christine.  Together, they publish a blog (  They both completed 2 half marathons at Disney World together this past year.  (Pam also ran a third) and they also ran the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Relay together.  I remain surprised that they don't run in races closer to home.  Pam insists that they are sold out.  She says that the Disney races have an "open" registration process and they magically seem to get accepted.  I am still trying to get to the bottom of that one.

When it comes to running, I have remained primarily a bystander.  I did get to attend the Rock & Roll event in Virginia Beach as a spectator and chief cheerleader.  I am not allowed on the Disney road trips.  Girls just want to have fun!  On Thanksgiving Day we all ran in a Toys for Tots event for the second year in a row.  I am still sore from the experience and "let me be clear" this will not be habit forming for me.  I have remained pretty active in my choice of sports....."

Do you send a Christmas letter?  Any funnies about running in your Christmas cheer?



  1. haha! how cute! i love xmas cards!! have a great friday! spa <3

  2. Awesome to have that support! Can't believe it's almost Xmas time AGAIN!

  3. Love your Christmas letter each year ... and how you pass around the writing responsibility. Such fun.
    By the way (Pam), you and Chris and Jeff are making the rest of the family look like old fogeys. STOP IT! ;-)
    Nah, go right ahead.

    1. Thanks LAC, I think I pale in comparison to Jeff and Chris...haha!