November 21, 2012

The highs and lows of Goofy Training!

I wrote my first Goofy Training update in October, before the huge mileage weeks started.  Fast forward one month and I am starting to have some nerves about race weekend.  It is not easy going out for incredibly long runs in the neighborhood by myself.  And there are days like yesterday when I felt like Homer during his debut marathon.
We have 50 days until WDW Marathon weekend and the Goofy Challenge.  When I first registered for this race, I had no clue how I would  actually accomplish this race feat.  But if I told you that slightly over 2 years  ago my weekly mileage was zero you would think I was even more clueless.  As soon as the registration button was clicked on my computer, and the confirmation was received, the research began.  My plan is the Galloway Program for Experienced Runners and at week 21, I am still on target with the time goals and plan.  The hardest weeks are the ones that include back to back days that have high mileage.  Next week I will be running 10 miles one day and 23 the next. The worst part of that is the lack of fireworks to start the runs and medals upon completion. So far I am highly encouraged by my progress and hopefully I can stay injury free.   I hope to be putting a 39.3 sticker on my car in January. 
Who else is going?  I would love to hear how others are coping with the training!



  1. Just the half for me, but recovering after this weekends race was key for me to keep training to get these monthy halfs done and successfully!

  2. We are running our first marathon in Jan! Keep going with Goofy! You can do it!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I actually am pretty confident I will finish providing something does not happen between now and January! Good luck with your it the Mickey marathon?