November 27, 2012

Training Tuesday: Favorite Fuels

We get a lot of questions about our favorite fuels for training runs and races.  We are both very diligent about testing various fuel options during our training and using those fueling strategies for race days.  No one wants a surprise on race day whether it be an upset stomach or late-race hunger, so I'd like to encourage all of you to try different fuels during your training and figure out what works best for you.

I am a big fan of the "gummy" fuel options like Gu chomps and Clif Shot Blocks.  They can be a little more expensive than the gels, but they are easy for me to get down and also taste like gummy bears, which is added enticement for me!  My favorites are the Shot Blocks - my local Target even has these on their nutrition aisle.  My favorite flavors are strawberry, mountain berry, tropical punch and citrus.  They're about $2 per package and have 6 bloks per package.  I can usually eat 2 during one of my one minute walk breaks (I do the 4:1 run:walk Galloway method).  I also like these because I don't need a lot of water to wash them down.

I also like the Jelly Belly sport beans for before a run.  I have a pre-race ritual where I eat a bag of the watermelon flavor beans while I'm waiting in my coral.  They have a bit of caffeine which is a nice pep at the race start. 

And lastly, I will say a little bit about gels.  Yes, I use them and an apt description about my preference for them is that I tolerate them.  They're a necessary evil of running/endurance sports.  I have learned that berry and citrus-y flavors are my favorites.  I received a sample of the Gu Jet Blackberry flavor which was great!  If you follow us on facebook, you've probably noticed Pam's obsession with the peppermint stick flavor (a seasonal flavor).  For me, anything dessert-like makes me gag cringe as I generally like my gelatinous fuels to taste like Gatorade.

What are your favorite training and race-day fuels?



  1. I LOVE black cherry shot blocks! YUM

  2. I'm new to all things that has to do with running including bloks shots... I will definitely give them a try once I can run farther then now! Getting there on step at a time! ;) Spa love to yall!!

  3. I live by Shot Bloks! Organic and good on my tummy!

  4. I haven't tried any race fuels yet since my longest distance has only been a 10k. I am planning on training for a half for next fall, so I know that I'll be needed to try some of these out in the near future. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. My all time fav is Clif Vanilla Shot Get with no caffeine!

  6. I prefer Gels. I'm a spaz, so chewing + running at the same time just doesn't work for me. I'd probably bite my tongue off! LOL