November 20, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Lessons

This post will sound a lot like a child's "what I learned on my summer vacation" essay.  It's basically the same thing, but focused on the recent Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  This was a big race for me, notwithstanding an 8 minute PR!

1. I can run a race, totally solo, and be completely fine!  After my traumatic first half marathon experience, I've always been a little nervous about running a longer race solo.  When Mom and I were separated, I went into a panic for nearly an entire mile.  I was worried about where she was, if she was ok, and how we could have lost each other in an instant...and that we were lost for the subsequent 7 miles!  I ran unaccompanied 7 miles, which is a long time.  Sure, it wasn't as fun as running with someone, but I enjoyed myself and stayed in my own head (some advice from one of great speakers at the runDisney meetup). 

2. I can pace myself.  I've also worried about my ability to maintain a pace for a long distance.  I can be a little erratic on long training runs, but really, I have no reason to worry except for my own innate hesitation.  My pace was within a tenth of a second for miles 4-10 of the race.  Pretty consistent, eh?!  I had hoped to start descending around mile 6 or 7, but I didn't have any gas in my tank.

3. My Mom is a SPEED DEMON!  After our unfortunate separation, for 6 long miles, she pushed herself to find me before we finished.  She ran about an 8:30mmm pace for much of it....just to catch me!!  Luckily she spotted me as we were trucking through the behind the scenes area in Hollywood Studios and we were able to revel in the Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights together.  And then, she turned on the gas again for me to help me push it to the finish.  She's AMAZING!

Mother-Daughter love...awww

4. I need to work on my endurance.  After running 10 very consistent miles, I had trouble turning on the gas at the end.  That tells me that I was appropriately pushing myself through the entire race, but I didn't have the 'get up and go' that I wanted to have at the end...even with the anticipation of the typically awesome run Disney finish experience!

5. I feel a little 'barfy' when I push myself and have some trouble feeling normal after a tough race.  It was good that we spent time changing clothes, taking photos, sipping PowerAde and riding Soarin' before we finally made it to the Food and Wine booths.  By that time, I was feeling ready to eat some real food and enjoy an adult beverage! ;-)
Very sweaty, but overjoyed with my 8 min PR!!

What have you learned about yourself in an adverse race moment?


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    1. Thanks for the kind comment. Hopefully we will meet up at a race in the future....WDW marathon weekend perhaps?

  2. Just have to and your mom are so cool!!

    1. Appreciate your comment.....we do have tons of fun at races!