December 30, 2012

2012: The Highs

And now the fun part...the BEST moments of 2012 for us!

Number 5...
C: Running a great first leg in the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon Relay and finishing top 20 among the women's relay teams with Mom!
P: First Rock and Roll event and loved sharing the race with Christine

Number 4...
C: Sharing a fabulous Thanksgiving day morning 8k with my parents...and watching my Dad smoke me after mile 1 ha!
P:  Volunteering at a local race for the first time, the Run for the Tatas Race.

Number 3...
C: Getting involved in the running community, both virtually and in real life.  Girls Gone Sporty, Team #runDisney, Girls on the Run, Twitter, #runchat, etc....I feel like I have an awesome group of friends who "get" everything I do to prepare for races!
P:  Winning my age group at the Toys for Tots Thanksgiving day race for the second year!

Number 2...
C: Dropping 8 minutes off my time at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November
P:  Wine and Dine meetup with Jeff Galloway....what a great event!

And the high point of 2012....
C: Finishing the Princess Half Marathon with a ridiculously happy smile on my face and deciding to lace up my running shoes again! 
P:  Running a PR at the Chip and Dale Marathon Relay in 2:03!  So excited.

It was a wonderful year of racing fun and we can't wait for more in 2013, starting with WDW Marathon weekend!


  1. It's been a great year of ups and downs!

  2. I agree Kat, but we try to forget the downs and only remember the ups!

  3. Love this idea...I may have to think about some highs and lows for the year! I'd love to get involved with some running organizations like Girls on the Run, I am going to see if there is a group in my area. Sounds like you guys had a great year!

    1. Danielle - it's the best! Definitely very rewarding...the only challenge can be the timing of the coaching. It's generally after school which isn't terribly conducive to my work schedule.

  4. Happy New Year ladies! May you're running travels be healthy and happy and hopefully we'll "run" into each other at the Wine and Dine! I'll be the one running in a funny costume! (hahahahahaha....!!)

    1. Not sure about Wine and Dine in 2013...maybe! Happy running!