December 28, 2012

2012: The Lows

Looking back on 2012, there are tons of memories from all of the races and training we completed.  We figured it would be fun to put together a list of our highs and lows that chronicled the year.  So first we'll start with the lows...

Number 5...
C: Waking up at 6AM on Saturday in the summertime to head out for a (lonely) long run to try to beat the heat.
P:  My sister (who won her age group at Princess in 2011) could not race with us at Disney in 2012 due to a foot injury. We missed you Alison and are so glad you will be at Princess 2013!

Number 4...
C: Having lots of knee pain at the 2012 Princess Half Marathon...luckily the Disney resorts are well-stocked with ice!
P:  Foot callus that had to be removed by my doctor....ouch!

Number 3...
C: Mile 7 at the Rock 'n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon relay.  Wanted to die in the heat!
P:  Goofy training...some days I wanted to just give up.

Number 2...
C: Running the Elizabeth River Run 10k, highly untrained and in miserable heat...feeling pretty crummy for the last half of the race and panicking that I was having another Princess 2011 moment!
P:  Piriformis muscle injury that threw off my Goofy training for several weeks while I was on strong painkillers.

And our worst moment of 2012...
C: Losing Mom at mile 3 in the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and almost losing my cool trying to find her in the crowd.
P:  Ditto.....losing Christine at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.....and wondering if we could possibly meet up again during the race.


  1. So crazy reliving times that made us frustrated right! Disney will be the start of an awesome 2013!

    1. Yes! I know 2013 will be a year of awesome races starting with Marathon Weekend!

  2. Can hardly wait to rejoin my sis and goddaughter for the Princess 2013!

    1. We are so excited you are going....finally the way our runDisney obsession started in 2011....another Princess Half with the 3 of us together!