December 21, 2012

Christine's Christmas Run

On Wednesday night, I decided to head out in my neighborhood for my run to enjoy all of the Christmas decorations.  I'm generally somewhat hesitant to run in the dark, but I decided to make an exception.  And I also prepared for a run after dark.  I wore my neon orange reflector vest and my light.  I also forewent headphones so I could stay in tune with my surroundings a bit better. 

I ran 5 miles through the neighborhood including one with my shaggy doggie, Paddy - she loved it!  It was a wonderful run to just relax and enjoy the sights of the season.  I reflected on many things from this year - the birth of my favorite twins, the weddings of two sets of dear friends, my return to running and a major transition for me at work.  It was a nice break from reality, if only for a little while and reminded me of all of the things for which I am thankful this holiday season.

Do you run through your neighborhood at night during the holidays?



  1. Looks like you had a great run! I love Christmas lights!! :0)

  2. Great pics! I love the Christmas lights and decorations!
    Cheers & SPA love! Tara