December 7, 2012

Christmas Craft- runDisney Tiny Tree

My family calls me the Christmas queen.  I love all things Christmas and having more than a couple trees in my house is normal.  Tabletop trees are especially fun with different themes.  This year was the perfect time to make ornaments and decorate a tree around our blog theme of We Run Disney!

After my first half marathon, my sister sent me a darling card and pin (Cinderella, the princess on my bib).  I never was a pin collector, but thought it would be fun to collect pins for each of my races at Disney.  I now have six and I love every one of them.  Here is my little collection that I made into ornaments by simply attaching a 1/4 inch satin ribbon to the pin.  I will be adding at least 5 more next year which should fill out my little tree nicely!
My pin collection!
These pins would certainly not be enough ornaments for a tree so I made a trip to Michael's and Walgreen's to find the perfect supplies needed to make the tree ready for display!  Here are simple instructions should you be interested in making something similar for your home.

*  small table top tree (mine is 16 inches tall)
*  Disney pins
*  small wooden circle discs (come in packs of 7)
*  white and red acrylic paint (small jars)
*  paint brushes
*  Disney holiday stickers (Walgreens, come in small booklet)
*  1/4 inch satin ribbon in white and red
*  Mod Podge or similar for final coating of discs
*  hot glue gun
*  newspaper or other paper for painting surface
*  optional (fabric for tree skirt)

*  Paint all the wooden discs (both sides), two coats each.  It takes about 5-10 minutes in between coats
*  Choose a sticker and place it on the dry disc
*  Brush Mod Podge over the entire top and sides of the disc.  Allow to dry for at least one hour.
*  Cut 4 -5 inch pieces of ribbon, enough for all the ornaments.
*  Heat your glue gun and attach the ribbon to the back of the ornaments overlapping the ribbon
*  Once the ornaments are dry, you are ready to decorate your tree!
*  Additional items to adorn your tree:

Painted discs

Discs with stickers and Mod Podge (it dries clear)

Other little additions you can make for your tree include a tree skirt ( I made this using two 12" square pieces of fabric, making a pattern from a tree skirt I already had)

Simple tree skirt, 11" in diameter
My tree topper is a tiny red Santa hat that I found at Michael's craft store and I glued on the Mickey ears cut from a small scrap of black felt.


  1. I love this idea, saving it for next year! I too love tree decorating around the house. We currently have 5 trees in our house. One in our bedroom, my sons bedroom, the main tree, a Charlie brown tree that sits on a table when you walk into our home and a tree on our porch.

    1. It is great fun having loads of trees. Glad you liked the idea and enjoy adding your own touches! PS..I have a Peanuts character themed tree in my sunroom!

  2. This is adorable!! I love little crafts like this! Happy Friday! Spa <3

  3. Love the race pin/ ornament idea! I have a pin from each race I've done as well...what a good use for them!

    1. I am looking forward to decorating this tree next year since I should be getting at least 5 more pins, 3 for Goofy Challenge, one for Princess and one for DL Half. May sneak in Wine and Dine too if I can!

  4. LOVE THIS!! Now, you need to tell me what to do with the pins the rest of the year. I get sad that they just sit in a drawer.

    1. I have photos from all my Disney races framed and in shelves above my desk. I attach the pins to the bottom corner of the frames using museum putty. They look really cute!