December 5, 2012

Dear runDisney Santa...

Dear Santa, and in this case, the runDisney jolly old elf,

I have a that we've discussed previously

See, we are even sending subliminal messages in our clothing?!
We would really like to see runDisney go global.  And by global, I mean European.  And by European, I mean French.  You could add a pond-to-pond medal.  Okay, the name isn't quite right, but it's genius, right?!  Grow the business internationally.  We're ready...are you?!

In addition to fulfilling this Christmas wish, feel free to send me an inquiry for my resume.  Basically I'm a runDisney marketing machine ready to apply my strategic communications and consulting expertise for you!  Ok, enough about me...  We will no doubt be your first registrants!  I'm already dreaming of a warm baguette, a wedge of cheese and a bottle of  burgundy as my post-race meal.  And probably a pastry...or ten, preferably a mille feuille (the original, not the fruity ones).

So please, dear runDisney Santa, please consider granting our Christmas wish.  You will make us the happiest runners that ever did live!


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  1. I love this! And I love your passion for Disney. Hope they grant you your wish. :)

  2. I am new to your blog and have been pouring through it! I hope that my first Run Disney event will be Tinkerbell in January, but because I live in Singapore, I vote for a Tokyo run too :-)

    1. Thanks Kristy.....I would love to go back to Japan and Christine would enjoy a first time visit! Fingers crossed for runDisney to offer a race there.