December 16, 2012

Sunday Musings and a Disney Christmas Craft for kids

In just four weeks, the Mickey Marathon at WDW will be in full swing.  The excitement is building with waivers available this week and the race booklet being released online.  We have printed our final race documents and now the anticipation of waiting for race weekend has started.  Thanks to the holidays we are very busy with other things!

It is just eleven days until Christmas and finally all the decorations are in place and some of the food has been prepared.  Make ahead and freeze appetizer favorites such as mini rye pizzas and spinach balls are already prepared and ready to be baked. Today is cookie day, especially since I offered to bring a plate of cookies for a Christmas party tonight!  Spice cookies, peanut butter blossoms, and traditional butter Christmas cookies are on the schedule.

Yesterday, I spent a short time on these easy to make ornaments which would be perfect for a child's bedroom tree or for them to give as gifts to family members.  Everyone loves a homemade gift from a  niece/nephew or grandchild right?  Here are easy instructions to make these little wood ornaments.  Of course I decorated them with Disney motif, but your child could choose their favorites!  Step by step instructions will make this craft an easy afternoon project.  I found most of the materials at Hobby Lobby or in my craft box.

Wooden ornaments (I picked star shapes that are sold in a package of 4 for 77 cents)
Craft paint
Paint brushes
Mod Podge
Holiday stickers (Disney of course for yours truly)
Elmers glue

*   Paint each one of your ornaments, using several coats of paint on both sides.
*   Put a sticker (s) on your ornament
*   Apply Mod Podge sealer to the ornament and wait to dry
*   Choose where you want the glitter and put glue on the ornament and then sprinkle with glitter.  I always use a piece of paper (8x11 computer paper works well) and fold it before I add the glitter.  It is easy to put the leftover glitter back in the container if the paper is folded.
*   Add a ribbon hanger or little medal hanger.
*   Hang on your tree and enjoy!



  1. Such cute ornaments! And I'm so impressed with your organization skills, having so much food prepped in advance. I need to get better at that. :)

  2. Thanks Laura! There are certain foods that we enjoy every year, so I just plan to make those. It helps to be able to freeze things to free up time for marathon training!