December 2, 2012

The Long Run...Mental Challenge

As many of you know, Christine and I will be participating in the WDW races in January.  With training at its peak, my mileage is far more than I ever considered was normal for humans to actually run.  Let's consider my Friday and Saturday of this past week....10 miles Friday and 23 Saturday.  Here is how I pass the time since I have no running partner.  I think of TV game shows old and new and have fun thinking about the title and what it means to me in the moment! Before I get started, I wanted to share a photo I took about 4 miles into my run Saturday.  Our area is lovely in the early morning before the normal population is up and moving.

Intracoastal Waterway in Wilmington, NC

Let's Make Deal: I play mind games and make deals with myself.  For example, on Saturday I made the decision while running that I would order a burger, sweet potato fries and cole slaw for my after run treat! Not the ideal post run meal, but boy was it tasty!

Concentration:  I try to think about anything but what I am doing...what do I need at the grocery store, what phone calls do I need to make, what appointments do I have later in the day, and what can I eat when I get home? Mostly what can I inhale when I get home!

Beat the Clock:  This is an older corny TV game show that my family used to watch.  We had a blast making fun of the MC (can't remember his name) but when I think of the show, I think of my time goals for my run and for future helps me pass a mile or two!

Family Feud:  Suffice it to say that I can pass an additional mile or two thinking about the latest family issues...and let's be honest....we all have them! :)

Deal or No Deal:  I am constantly bargaining with myself about how to get through the tough runs.  Most recently, with such ridiculous long runs, I break it down mathematically, so every few miles I can determine what percentage is complete.  Yesterday, I kept reminding myself that if I could get to 17, I only had a 10k left!  And when I was down to just over 3 miles, I was ecstatic that I only had a 5k and I would be home!

Jeopardy:  And last but not least, jeopardy in January....what I would be in if I could not complete my training for Goofy!


  1. These are all good tips! I have been struggling mentally lately on long runs...sometimes all I can think about it how many more miles to go and that will just get you EVERY time! Very creative!

  2. ugh. mind games are the worst! i really enjoy all of those tips. i think thats a super helpful way to think of it!! spa <3

  3. HA, these are great. My mind always races when I'm exercising, but to actually associate the thoughts with a game is brilliant.