December 18, 2012

Training Tuesday- Kettle Bells and Bosu Balls

Now that I spend time doing strength training at the gym, new pieces of equipment have worked their way into my workout routine. The kettle bell is one of the new pieces I started using just a few months ago.  I have various routines that include swinging the bell like a monkey between and around my legs, and raising it up to eye level for a certain number of reps.  This is a fun change of pace from sitting on the various weight machines and lifting hand weights.  Variety helps me go back to the gym instead of finding an excuse to stay home.
I became familiar with the Bosu Ball a few years ago when I was in physical therapy for a dog bite injury to my calf.  When the therapist first had me step on the ball with one foot, I could barely stay on the thing for 5 seconds. Clearly I was lacking in balance and needed to make a big improvement. Now I spend a few minutes using this piece of equipment on every visit to the gym. Another clever way to work on balance at home is when brushing your teeth, doing dishes, or other standing chores, stand on just one leg instead of two.  You will be surprised how quickly your balance improves, but beware, your family may ask you a question or two or give you a funny look! 

Do you have a favorite piece of gym equipment or special routine?  If so please share!


  1. How ironic. I just decided last weekend to start using kettle bells. My favorite workout is routine is P90X. I think it always will be.

  2. I haven't used a kettlebell before, but it looks like a great addition to my routine!! Spa <3

  3. I really love working out with KBs! I hope I get so,e for Christmas! By the way ill be at the expo Friday working with Brooks Disney weekend if you ladies will be there!

    1. I will be having a rest day before goofy challenge. Will try to get by to meet you

  4. I'd really like to start using kettlebells myself - I've heard such wonderful reviews about them. Perhaps I need to do some research so I can make sure I have form down before I take it to the gym and smash my face. ;) Love the bosu for balance!