December 29, 2012

Updated WDW Marathon Weekend Corral Info

If you have been paying attention to various forms of social media, there has been a lot of chatter about the corral placements for the WDW Marathon Weekend races.  Disney has released updated corral information with corresponding times for each race.  We've included this info below for your reference.  Note that for Goofy, the corral placement is based on estimated marathon time based on the pace in the race provided. 

If you feel that you belong in a faster corral, you'll need to bring a proof of time (10k or greater) that shows you can meet that time to the Runner Relations booth at the Expo.  I am placed in Corral C for the Half and given my recent 2:17 at Wine and Dine, I'm hoping to move into Corral B, so you'll see me in line at Runner Relations on Friday morning!

How to get your bib number:
1. Go to the runDisney website, here.
2. Click on "Waivers" in the gray banner or scroll down on the page until you see the Waivers section.
3. Click on the link to download your waiver.
4. Enter your last name, birthday and place you're staying for the weekend.
5. Select "Print" for the correct waiver.
6. Select "Print Waiver" when the next screen pops up.
7. Look at the bottom right corner to identify your bib number.



  1. Thanks Christine! Ill do this at work so I can print it!

  2. Hmmm...I'm doing Goofy, based on my half time I think I'm in the right corral (B), but no way I am finishing the full in under 4:15! I wonder if I should move back or just stay where I am...

    1. Danielle, I feel the same way about corral placement. Not certain how I ended up in B for Goofy, but love having the extra time. My guess is a 4:45 finish based on training back to back runs, but that is with good conditions...this is my first marathon!