January 8, 2013

Animal Kingdom, "Experience the Sights and Sound at Animal Kingdom"

Many of you were watching the Disney Parks blog Friday after the tweet came out from runDisney that the WDW Marathon meetup would be announced soon.  The post that we all refreshed 100's of times on the Disney Parks Blog was about Africa.  This post included a video which probably few of us watched in the frenzy to sign up for the incredible meetup.  I went back to view the video later in the day and found the photos, background music and noises beautiful.  My favorite part was the last photo of the silver back gorilla!  With a trip to Africa less than three weeks away, my mind is still entirely on Goofy Challenge. My husband has been organizing his cameras and clothing for Africa while I get ready for Disney.  Does he have a thing packed for Disney?  No.  Do I have a thing ready for Africa?  No.  So we are on the same page, rolling eyes!

We experienced South Africa four years ago so I figure packing is about the same for these new countries we will visit.
This guy was really close to our jeep!

Surveying the land, a female leopard
We both love spending time at Animal Kingdom and the Jungle Safari and watching the Gorillas at Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.   One of the exciting things we will be doing on our upcoming trip is trekking with gorillas in Rwanda.  We have watched loads of YouTube videos  and can hardly wait to be out in the jungle looking for the beautiful beasts. After the trekking we head to Tanzania and Kenya for the safari portion on the trip.  Like the Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom, we will ride in some vehicles that will be crossing loads of uneven terrain on a big adventure searching for elusive animals.

In the meantime, our family can't wait to get to Florida to enjoy all the sights and sounds of Walt Disney World including the wonderful Animal Kingdom theme park.

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