January 21, 2013

Be Our Guest, A Celebration Dinner!

Our travel agent Allie scored us a table at Be Our Guest for Monday night after the marathon weekend.  We were thrilled to be going except for one thing....Christine could not join us since she had a date with Disney's Magical Express at 2:30pm.  We were terribly disappointed that she could not enjoy the restaurant with us.  Our reservation was at 6:00pm and we arrived about fifteen minutes early to make sure we could get a table at our scheduled time.  There was a short wait and soon we were entering here...
Love the attention to detail at the entrance to the castle!
Our hostess brought us to the ballroom where we were seated at a nice table for two.  Just in front of our table we heard a voice say, "Hi Pam".  It turns out our friends Scott and Krista Albrecht (she is a co-author of The Runners Guide to WDW) were just finishing up their early dinner at the restaurant.  We chatted for a minute and Krista recommended the scallops and shrimp in puff pastry if we enjoyed seafood.   Soon our waitress greeted us and took our drink orders while we perused the menu.
Roses are the clear theme from Beauty and the Beast and even the napkins are folded into a rose.
We decided to start out with mixed green salads followed by the thyme scented pork chop for Tom and the scallops and shrimp dish for me.  We enjoyed our wine and warm bread while soaking in the ambiance of the grand ball room. From the gorgeous crystal chandeliers, hand painted ceiling, beautiful carved dining chairs, the place feels very elegant.  One very special touch was the light snowfall through the wall of windows, and yes, I made Tom confirm that I wasn't hallucinating...after all I had run over 41 miles (including meetup mileage) that weekend!
Grand Ballroom view
The food was excellent, by far the best meal we had during our visit to WDW.  Each course was presented well, the staff was well trained and friendly.  Best of all was the dessert cart!  We had several choices that were tempting, but Tom chose the triple chocolate cupcake (a chocolate lover's dream) and I had the chocolate cream puff.   The delight of the evening was "the grey stuff."  This is served for special occasions only, and my Goofy Challenge medal earned a chance to try it.  What a wonderful whipped treat, with a chocolate taste and a whipped cream texture, heavenly!
Love the plate!
As you depart the restaurant, you can visit the Beast on your way out.  He loved my Goofy medal! 
 This was a wonderful way to finish a spectacular trip to Florida and the WDW Marathon Weekend.  I can't wait to go back and try some other menu items.


  1. I've only been to Be Our Guest for lunch so far...hoping on my next trip to be able to get a dinner reservation! What a perfect way to celebrate your Goofy weekend!

    1. The lunch line always looks incredibly long....did you have to wait awhile? We might try lunch next month after Princess.

  2. I wonder if we should do this when we go to Disneyland??

    1. I don't think they have Be Our Guest at DL. Be sure to book in advance for WDW though, since we were told they are already booked through May! Yikes.

  3. What a wonderful way to finish out your HUGE Disney weekend of Goofy Challenge! Be Our Guest looks like a beautiful place to dine and celebrate Pam! How fun....
    Love the picture of you with the Beast! And you had your Goofy Medal too! You look adorable!
    When you have time at some point...I'd love to hear your race recovery tips. I'm just amazed and so proud of your Goofy challenge for you! How did you make sure that you finished that 1/2 Marathon...and stayed not sore....so you could do the FULL the next day! wow...really inspiring...
    also...anything special that you do for recovery after your full?
    I've enjoyed reading of your and Christine's trip this time! Love the two of you... Princess is around the corner! :c) Melissa

  4. I've never even heard of Be Our Guest restaurant-how is that possible? Looks yummy and fun! I love your picture with The Beast and your medal!

    1. Thanks Monica, Be Our Guest is a new restaurant in the updated Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom.