January 31, 2013

Dumbo Double Dare!

RunDisney announced a new race last December for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend in 2013. This inaugural race is also a new distance in the runDisney calendar. The announcement for the 10K race was Alice in Wonderland themed, with the White Rabbit trying to race to catch up with Alice and the Mad Hatter as they travel through wonderland.  This race will take place on Saturday, August 31st  followed by the Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday, September 1st.

If you run both races, you will have completed the Dumbo Double Dare, 19.3 miles of running fun at Disneyland. Bonus for completing both races in the allotted time is the super duper new Dumbo medal (and a shirt).  We can't wait to get ours!
Christine's favorite ride as a child!
Without a doubt, the newly revamped Dumbo ride in new Fantasyland is a contributing factor to the excitement around this race.
Getting ready to ride the new Dumbo - in a purple Dumbo, of course!
The registration for this race began at the Expo for WDW Marathon weekend and the lines were huge at the runDisney booth with people trying to use one of several computers to join the group of DDD runners! Once the online registration began on January 22, the event filled in less than one hour....Wow, runners are excited about this new race distance and challenge.
Getting help from Michelle at the runDisney booth.
We are so excited to be traveling to California to not only complete the Dumbo Double Dare, but also to complete our Coast to Coast race challenge for 2013.  This weekend will be filled with awesome bling as we earn 4 medals after just two more races.  Cheers to runDisney for offering a new race challenge to runners.
Who's joining us in Anaheim for these awesome races?



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    1. We are too excited about this too...hopefully runDisney will have the medal reveal soon!

  2. Replies
    1. Look forward to meeting loads of our Internet running friends!

  3. Me! I'm running the Princess next month as my very first half, and I impulsively went ahead and registered for DDD right before it sold out...I'm feeling like I may have lost my mind, but I've never been to Disneyland and CANNOT WAIT!

    1. Hey we are in the same boat!!!! seriously, I just posted almost the EXACT same thing!!!

  4. I'm glad you ladies got it. I was really disappointed the race registration opened with already 90% capacity for those of us unable to make the first two expos. Unfortunately, the site kept crashing due to the traffic and I was unable to get in. Maybe next year!!!

  5. What a fun blog post! I LOVE the picture of you two in Dumbo! Precious....
    Can't wait to follow along...its going to be just so much fun for you both.... I love that sweet blue eyed Dumbo...the medal should be adorable...

  6. This will be my FIRST time to Disneyland and my first ever race at disneyland!!!! I am so thrilled I hit the register button and didnt think, otherwise I wouldnt be going!!! I will also be getting my coast to coast since I am doing my first EVER 1/2 marathon running as a princess in a few weeks! I cannot wait... I know so many people didnt get this opportunity so it is that much more special that I did get in and will ensure that I will take it all in because I know next year will be just as crazy trying to sign up :) SEE YOU THERE!!!