January 10, 2013

Travel Day

Today is my travel day down to Disney for marathon weekend.  I was delighted to learn that our fabulous TA, Allie and her family, will be on my flight (remember, she provided fabulous ToT recaps??).  It will be an awesome way to start the journey down to Disney...I'm considering it the start to the weekend!  And after seeing many fun photos of her daughter clad in Disney princess apparel, I'm excited to meet that sweet little one in person!

So let's get back to the task at hand...have a happy, successful trip down to the happiest place on earth.  Normally I work most of the day and then blaze to the airport for my afternoon or evening flight.  This time, I am doing something different - taking the whole day off.  I will sleep in (if I'm not bouncing out of bed), enjoy some QT with my pup and leisurely get ready. 

I take 2 carry on bags - a roller that fits in the overhead bin and a large tote bag.  I don't check going to Disney, even though Southwest will check for free.  I don't leave anything to chance (or the airlines...) for a race. 

What I bring:
- Fully charged ipad with the race documents (final instructions, program, etc.) uploaded to dropbox so I can read them on the plane.
- Book or magazine - For this trip, I'm toting the Feb issue of Runner's World and My Life in Paris by Julia Child

What I eat/drink:
- I always buy a liter bottle of water at the airport, regardless of whether I'm flying to a race. For a race, I grab a bottle of Gatorade too.
- Especially for race prep, I like to have a healthy snack on hand just in case I need some sustenance.   It will keep me away from all of the newsstand temptations that are tough to resist - gummy bears, M&M's, etc.  I usually try to stash nuts, pretzels, apple, banana, a granola bar or something similar in my bag.  Then, there are no excuses for junk food!

What I wear (I roll comfy!):
- Black yoga capris
- A Disney shirt...not quite sure which one yet
- Donald Half Marathon jacket
- My "extra"/non-race sneakers
- Good socks

To those already in the happiest place on earth, see you soon!  And to those also hitting the road tomorrow, safe travels!

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