January 27, 2013

Weekly Roundup - Jan 27th

This was one of the hardest workout weeks I've had in a while.  I made good on my New Year's Goal to get back in the pool and managed to have a great workout.  I also tried a new class at our YMCA called Tabata and subsequently, could barely move the next day!  If you haven't heard of Tabata, it's a high-intensity interval training workout.  Add that to increased run/walk intervals (9:1) to try to improve my overall pace and this week was a killer!

On a fun note, we got about 3 inches of snow on Friday night which made for a beautiful landscape, but poor running conditions on Saturday morning.
The view of my street after work on Friday
I schlepped my behind to the gym and got comfortable with my treadmill for my long run.  And while long runs aren't my favorite, I got it done.  For some tips for managing long runs on treadmills, check out these ideas.
Saturday morning
Sunday, Jan 20th
Christine: 6.4 mi run through the neighborhood
Pam: weights, Bosu ball, plank 1:30

Monday, Jan 21st
Christine: 40 min swimming, 1900 yards
Pam:  Run 4.25 miles  41:31 minutes,  stretching, rolling

Tuesday, Jan 22nd
Christine: 3.4 mi treadmill (9:1), 32 minutes
Pam:  Elliptical for 20 minutes, weight training with trainer Joe

Wednesday, Jan 23rd
Christine: Rest
Pam:  Stretching, Rolling, Bosu Ball, Plank 2:01

Thursday, Jan 24th
Christine: 35 min Tabata class
Pam: Run 6.25 mile run in neighborhood

Friday, Jan 25th
Christine: Rest day
Pam:  Travel day, walked for an hour in Atlanta airport

Saturday, Jan 26th
Christine: 8mi treadmill run (9:1), about 80 minutes
Pam:  Rest day

How did you do on your workouts this week?  Did winter weather derail your attempts to get some fresh air as well?


  1. Nice job on an awesome week! Tabata and HIIT is intense! Starting to incorporate that into my running last year is what gained me a little bit of speed. And congrats on upping your running intervals!

    1. Thanks Meghan! After getting in great 'running' shape, I'm realizing I need to be better about general fitness and I'm hoping that will help with speed as well! :)

  2. I definitely dig Tabata! Great week ladies ;)

    1. Thanks Kat! Tabata is a foreign language translation for "kicking my butt" right?! :)

  3. Great week you two~ I've not heard of Tabata...I'll have to look that one up.
    The weather is really making it challenging for outdoor running...if its not freezing...today we are getting freezing rain. The gym is closed today till noon too...
    Hope to try to get out for a shorter run around noon today....the temps are suppose to go up and tomorrow will be almost 60...crazy....know that may bring another type storm....
    I just purchased a foam roller...trying to help with some pain in my upper quad...do you use the roller before and after a work out?

    1. Thanks Melissa! We usually foam roll after workouts...I like to do it while I'm watching TV. It can be painful but really seems to help sore and stiff muscles.

  4. Awesome workouts ladies! And I'm a little jealous of that snow. No snow here on the Gulf Coast! Our weather this weekend was in the 70's!