January 6, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Jan 5th

This week was the start of the taper for Christine for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and Pam is well into her taper for Goofy's Challenge.  We've been busy getting ready to head down to WDW for marathon weekend this week...it's hard to believe it's almost here!  Packing, waiver printing, time printing and the like - we are almost ready!

And in the spirit of the new year, we wanted to be more transparent about our training.  So here it is, the roundup of our first week in 2013.

Sunday, Dec 30th
Christine: 15mi stationary bike, abs, arm weights
Pam:  rest day

Monday, Dec 31st
Christine: Rest
Pam:  20 minutes eliptical 35 minutes weights

Tuesday, Jan 1st
Christine: Speed work (10x400, 400 RI)
Pam:  5 miles temp run

Wednesday, Jan 2nd
Christine: 35 min high intensity circuit workout
Pam:  sick with head cold

Thursday, Jan 3rd
Christine: 3.7 mi on treadmill
Pam:  4.5 mile tempo descending (negative split each mile)

Friday, Jan 4th
Christine: Rest
Pam:  Denise Austin tape with cardio and weights

Saturday, Jan 5th
Christine: 4.2 miles around the neighborhood
Pam:  7 mile neighborhood run

What were your workouts like this first week of the new year?

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