February 22, 2013

A PR at a runDisney Race!

As many of you know, the runDisney races are our favorites.  We make a detailed plan of everything for these events, from costumes, to restaurant reservations and most important, our race plan.  From our very first race at Walt Disney World (Princess Half 2011) we have run these races in true running fashion without character stops.  Whoa....who runs a Disney race and does not stop for all those wonderful Disney princesses, villains and assorted characters who line the race course?  That would be us.  If you have followed our blog, you know that Christine had a major medical issue at the finish of that race.  We have often spoken about how it was fortuitous that we did not make any stops along the course as she may not have actually been able to cross the finish line with added time on the course. Who knows what might have happened since she spent nearly an hour in the medical tent post race with high fever and dangerously low blood pressure.  Our lovely post race photo has Christine in the shirt that the medical staff gave her, not her cute running shirt.
Princess Half 2011: Christine, Alison and Pam
We'll be reunited for another fun family race event this year!!
After the race, Christine took a break from running and Pam discovered the Coast to Coast medal and Disneyland Half! A trip to California was planned and race registration was complete for Alison and Pam.  The race day was perfect and Pam achieved a PR of 20 minutes (2:07 and change) and received the coveted Coast to Coast medal!
Disneyland Half 2011
By now Pam had the runDisney running disease and signed up for the Chip and Dale relay with a neighbor's daughter as her running partner.  The weather conditions were perfect and a 3+ minute PR was achieved (2:03.47)!  Christine was a wonderful cheerleader, but still had not resumed her running. However, she was tempted by a redo of the Princess Half and signed up just two weeks before the race in 2012. With just minimal training, but great fortitude, she finished with Pam in a time that was a three minute improvement from the 2011 race - whoa!  At last year's Wine and Dine, we had a race plan for Pam to pace Christine to a PR (her goal time was 2:15).  We started out with a plan, but with hardly three miles into the course, we were separated at a water stop.  Pam finally caught Christine at mile 10 and yes, a nice PR of 8+ minutes was achieved by Christine (2:17 and change).
Happy Girls and a new PR!
Each runDisney race gives us an opportunity to improve our running, with fast flat courses, other than the few on-ramps with the green army men!  Not stopping for character photos does not lessen our enjoyment of the race.  Actually, we have a great time talking about the characters and the displays along the course and they are great distractions.  It is fun to wear the race medals afterwards to the parks and there are plenty of characters to join you for photos. We are looking forward to racing this weekend, and our 5k is a planned easy jog with loads of character photos (fingers crossed for short lines!).  Sunday, we will be running and enjoying the course.  Christine and I will discuss race strategy once we are in Florida!  You really can have it all at a runDisney event - a PR and have the most fun race ever.

Do you run for a PR at the Disney races or do you prefer to run for fun, taking lots of photos?



  1. It's always a hard decision on whether or not to stop for character photos (and I'll only stop of there are 5 or less people in line!), when I do it is always a little frustrating that my race time doesn't actually reflect my best running effort. That being said, I totally love my character photos and always figure I can shoot for PR's at non-Disney races!

    I did PR at Disneyland though since most of the course is not in the parks, so there weren't as many character stops.

  2. What a great post! I have been trying to decide what I will do for my first Disney race-run it or photo ops. But that is a great suggestion for running it then doing photo ops with your medal the next day at the park. Something to think about!

  3. Have fun at Princess! Look forward to hearing all about it!
    This was good food for thought...great suggestions...

  4. Best of luck ladies! I'm sure you will yourselves proud no matter what your time is. Just the fact that you are there DOING it should make you proud!

  5. I've only done one Disney race - the Wine & Dine 5k last November. I am much too competitive (even with myself!) to stop for photos! I am doing my first half marathon in my hometown next weekend and my goal is to do a Disney Half Marathon before my 50th birthday! (I have 2+ years to make it!) I do like your idea to run the 5K on the same weekend and use THAT race to take photos!

  6. I ended up with an 11 minute PR at the Disneyland Half and was pretty excited. For the Goofy, I did not intend to PR on the half and got a 20 minute PR on the full marathon even though I took quite a bit of time to enjoy myself.
    Have a great run this weekend!

  7. Awesome! I love it! :0) I enjoy running Disney races for the Character opportunities, but I also run a variety of other races at home where I run to PR (I live in SWLA so it's all flat for me)! I love y'alls strategy...that's what's so great about Disney races, everyone can run their own race and have a great time doing it! Have a great weekend and best of luck at Princess!

  8. I have my PR, no stopping race that I love to do and plan to do every year (Tinkerbell Half in Disneyland) all others are fair game for photo stops!!! I love running any Disney race. I agree with you ladies, even when I don't stop at all the race is so fun! Running by the others taking pictures makes me smile and run faster. Enjoy Princess on Sunday. Looking forward to reading your recap.