February 21, 2013

Getting psyched for the 2013 Princess Race Weekend

Ladies, are you ready?!  Ready to run the most princessy race on the planet?!  We are so pumped and we're still hundreds of miles from Flo-rida.  We are both flying down to Orlando today (Pam in the morning and Christine in the evening) and are so excited to get this weekend started.

The 2011 Princess Half Marathon was our very first half marathon and we plan to keep running this race as long as our schedule (and bodies) allows.  This year, Pam's sister and Christine's Auntie/Godmother will also be joining us (just like in 2011) and it will be a great girls weekend.
Finish line at 2012 Princess Half
And if you're the last minute type, here are some posts to get you all prepped and ready to go, both logistically and mentally!

* Everything you need for race weekend: the 411 and corral info

2012 Princess Half Marathon Recap and play by play of miles 0-6 and miles 7-finish

Our celebration of family, health and happiness

Watching race videos on YouTube is one of our favorite ways to get ready for the races.  Here are two of our favorites on the Princess Half that will help get you ready for what you will see and experience along the course route.

2012 Princess Half Marathon recap video from runDisney

Running along the course in the 2012 Princess Half 


  1. So excited! I leave bright and early tomorrow morning :)

  2. Whoo hoo! Good luck and have fun!

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  3. Have fun ladies! I will be living vicarously through you this weekend! Thinking we may do 2014 Princess as it fits in better with kids school schedule than Marathon Weekend.
    2012 Princess Half was my first RunDisney event, slightly addicted ever since :)

    1. Thanks. I agree with the runDisney addiction. We definitely have that problem!

  4. Good luck! I know all about the Disney Addiction! Have a great run and can't wait to see you pictures!